Behind the Design – “Militant”

We put a lot of thought into our designs. Even our really stupid ones (maybe that’s all of them). Here’s our thought process behind a design that’s sure to turn a few heads (heck – it’s got the word “fags” emblazoned right in the middle!):

Atheists are often accused of being morally bankrupt.  Sad state of the world we live in, but somehow being rational enough to acknowledge that grandiose claims of the supernatural, up to and including a creator god, means that said person making said claims is monstrous, a menace to society, unfit to hold public office or drive a school bus.  As we know, it’s simply not true – we’re currently voting on a few folks who are atheist and do demonstrable good works!  And even though we can point to numerous places in which nonbelievers find their moral compass without religion, should we even have to?  It’s massively evident that a religious upbringing does not automatically make one moral.  The strength of one’s faith does not correlate to the strength of one’s ethics.

In no person is this “ideal” more picture perfect than the religious militant.  No one denies the existence of muslim extremists calling for the lashing and imprisonment of rape victims, yes , victims.   We are all familiar with the Westboro Baptist Church, those god-fearing good Christians who frequently picket the funerals of homosexuals or outside abortion clinics.  People bomb buildings.  People call for the murder of doctors and authors.  And these people are of the strongest faith – in fact, if there’s one thing to take from the behavior of the faithful, it’s that unwavering faith is NOT a virtue.

There’s no such thing as a militant atheist.  There’s no such thing as a fundamental atheist.  There are no battles fought in the name of atheism, no fatwas or jihads.  There are just atheists – some may say “live and let live,” some may argue until they’re blue in the face.  Some may actually be closer to agnostics or, deep down, even deists, and some are staunch antitheists.  But none of them are threatening believers with violence.  None of US are filled with the blind fury and madness that seem to  fill the hearts of these stalwart believers.  There’s just something about a resolute dogma that fills folks with violence and ire whenever threatened by differing ideas.  But an atheist knows that ideas are just that, and they can change.  So while the world may be, for the time being, filled with militant folks of all faiths, the militant atheist remains a myth, captured with artistic license here.

You can grab this shirt right up in heres.  This design is also in our clearance section, with a bit of a different layout and on different fabric, right over heres.  We apologize if your size is sold out – it is clearance, after all.

ALSO – still taking votes for our Atheist Doing the Most Good Contest!  These folks ARE militant – about being really decent folks! Hy-UCK!

Kyle Van Son


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About Kyle

Kyle Van Son is a twenty-something layabout, apprentice raconteur, and Las Vegas native, with a penchant for improvisational theater, Batman, and fine alcohols. While not at the forefront of The Proud Atheist, due to being generally stupid, he’s a creative force behind quite a few of the TPA designs hopefully covering your torso. Contact him at

5 thoughts on “Behind the Design – “Militant”

  1. I find this a little biased, militant atheists do not “fight the good fight” from their arm chair reading a book. Although, I will grant you this is how we arm ourselves.

    Perhaps standing behind a podium giving a speech, or, sitting at his desk writing something provocative that would encourage questioning would have been a better depiction of a “militant atheist”.

    But then this would still be equivalent to your depiction of a “militant Christian”, whom is expressing his views. Which many can (and do) in a civilized fashion, if lacking a certain social decorum. Mainly because of what they say though and not how they say it.

    Can’t say I have any objection to the “militant Muslim” though, you could perhaps show him in a suicide vest and/or married to a girl holding her 9th birthday cake………. wait are the ones married to little girls “the moderate” ones? I think they might be, if the UK definition is to be used.

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