Atheists Giving Aid, and You Can Help

Hi all.  I know you haven’t heard much from this blo in a while.  I’ve been working on one of those long personal stories for you, which is actually ready to publish.  However, it didn’t seem right after the events in Boston Monday.

So instead, here’s a reminder that, not matter where you are, you can help. Atheists Giving Aid is accepting donations to support the families of those affected by the attack.  You can lend your support by clicking that link up there, or the image below.

Click here to lend a hand.

Whenever a tragedy of this magnitude strikes, a plethora of reactions are to be expected. My mouth was soured and my gut performed flips every time I read a new update on Boston yesterday.  We grieve, we cry, we bellow with rage at how unfair and cruel life can be and how unfeeling humans can be to each other. But the reaction I’ll never understand is the “what kind of world do we live in,” “when will this madness end,” “my faith in humanity is lost.” The world we live in today is amazing, astounding, and fantastic in every sense. There is less famine, less disease, and particularly less violence today than at any point in human history. So yes, when an act of unspeakable brutality occurs, it shocks. It shudders the foundations at our feet, it makes us question the people around us – but we can’t let it, and it never will last, not for long.  For some, the doubt and fear lasts seconds and people begin rushing headlong towards the madness.  The flood of donations, be they to Atheists Giving Aid or the Red Cross or even towards religious institutions, are a facet of that compassion, that overwhelming outpouring which can ALWAYS be found when a microscopic percentile of the human race seeks to disseminate hate and pain.

I know, I know – more eloquent, witty, and qualified men and women have said the same in the last 24 hours, but what can I do, NOT type things?

Kyle Van Son

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